Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been trying to take more video's of my sweet boy - I just don't ever want to forget the way his little voice sounds or the sight of him running around and being silly, my sweet thing. So here is a little video from Mother's Day morning, we were snuggling and watching Cars, hence him ignoring me slightly :) He has taken to "whispering" a little lately so you may not hear it, but he says happy mothers day. The end is his favorite game, he lays on the pillows and we have to say "what is so lumpy?!" usually he can't contain himself before he screams "CONNOR!"

Nana and grandpa got him this awesome Harley for Christmas and it has finally been nice enough to start riding it! It took him a little bit at first, but he LOVES it now. He only knows how to keep the wheel turned so he goes in a big circle, sweet thing. He is most definately riding in his pj's :) And, don't worry we have a little helmet for him now for this and his bikes - though he isn't allowed anywhere near anything but the grass and the driveway with his little harley :)

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