Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Boy!

I was trying to think of something to blog about when I realized that I haven't really given just an update on C in so long! I loved doing his monthly birthday posts, but I have been such a slacker about them, and the blog. I write on the blog primarily so I won't forget the funny little things that he does. So sorry for a boring picture-less post about my boy! :)
What is he up to? He is so funny, he seriously makes us laugh all the time. He is a chatterbox and talks non-stop, he is pretty much speaking in full sentences and can most of the time tell you exactly what he wants/what is going on. He repeats and hears EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. It is so funny - he hears things we aren't even sure he is listening too and then he repeats it, too funny. It has definately made for some funny conversations around our house :) He knows some words that I am just not sure where he has hears and how he knows how to use them in the correct context. He is really into big/little and things that are the "same". He finds two similar things in different sizes and likes to point out that they are the same. He now likes to show you two things and have you choose one. He usually gives you the opposite of what you wanted, still trying to prove he is in charge :) He knows all of his colors and likes to tell me when we are wearing the same color. The other day he told my "momma's shirt is red, Connor have red airplanes on his jammies. Too smart!
 He still loves to play with his cars, all the time! He puts them in his "suitcase" and carries them around the house. He loves to line them up and push them around the tables. He is a coloring fool, we just have the crayon and paper out on the table at atll times. He is starting to recognize more letters (his favorite is m for momma!) and he can count to 5 on his own, and higher if we play along with him. He loves to listen to his songs in the car and likes to hear everything on repeat. He has all of his books memerized (because we read them so many times in a row!) and it's funny to watch him mouth along with you :) He is into everything and constantly moving and while it can be tiring it is one of my favorite things about him. He is really starting to get into imaginative play and I love it! I think he is going to be creative. He definately has a temper and temper tantrums that I think come along with being 2. He *thankfully* is getting out of the hitting and not sharing all the time phase and he is pretty good about sharing his toys, even his trucks which surprises me! He can be a total stinker, but he can also be the sweetest boy ever. He gives the BEST hugs and kisses and there is nothing like his little arms wrapped around my neck. I love that little boy all the time and really I am just so happy to be his momma, even though some days are harder than others I wouldn't trade being his momma for anything!

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