Monday, April 4, 2011

Go Cards!!

We had a beautiful day on Saturday, perfect for our outing to the Cardinals game! We are all pretty excited about baseball season and it was so fun to enjoy a game early in the season before it gets nice and hot :) Connor, though the pictures don't show it, was so excited to go to the baseball game! He looked so cute in his little jersey from Nana and Grandpa, you know I took 200 pictures :)

We were so glad Uncle Bubba could come with us, we think he had a great time too! Seriously, C was not about smiling for pictures - I think I have taken so many pictures of him he is immune to smiling :)

It was kids day at the park and C got a "big bat" - I thought he and baby looked so cute waiting for the gates to open! It was a mad dash to get in their once they did, it was pretty funny! Once we had our bat in hand, we played at the little fred bird playground and then went up and had some lunch and then to our seats.
This boy ate 30lbs of peanuts, and I am not kidding you. Bj brings them home from work (because they are the best!) and he wouldn't stop eating them. I told Bj and Davey we were lucky that he isn't allergic otherwise I don't know what he would have done the whole game! He was SO GOOD the whole time, even skipping his nap. I was so proud of him. He was totally hamming it up with the people behind us, and they thought he was hilarious. He told them all of our names, picked him nose, showed off his sunglasses and peanuts - it was pretty funny. He was so good, I think they were kind of sad to see us leave after the 7th inning!

This boy loves "cream" (ice cream) and isn't afraid to enjoy it to the very last drop! He was making me chuckle, he did not spill one drop of that cream anywhere :) After he was finished he made sure to clean off the seat with his wipe - we laughed that it was the cleanest seat in Busch Stadium! Ha!

He was SO excited to rid on Uncle Davey's shoulders - he had this little grin on his face the whole time! I think it is a mixture of pure happiness and exhaustion :) I thought for sure he was going to pass out in the car, but he chatted the whole way home and then played with the neighbors when we got home! It was a great day, so fun to spend time with family. We are so happy that spring and baseball season are just beginning, we are looking forward to many more memories at the ballpark!

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Mellisa Rock said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. The last time we were in St. Louis we took in a Cardinals game was fun eating at The Firehouse? I think that was the name and then taking the bus down to the game and back. Love all the pictures. Have a great week.