Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you see that little caterpillar in bed with my sweet pea? Right there close to his hand? That caterpillar that I did NOT put in bed with him when I put him down for his nap? Hahaha!
I was downstairs folding some laundry and C was still talking in his bed when all of a sudden I heard a thump (I heard one of these earlier in the week followed by crying so I KNEW he was out of bed) and then nothing. So I kind of listened for a little while. I heard a little more playing and then I heard Mr. Caterpillar singing the ABC's...Hmm. I let C take a book or little truck to bed, but not the caterpillar because he makes too much noise and I am afraid he will roll over on him in his sleep and then wake himself up, ha! So I was a bit confused when I heard his music playing, knowing that caterpillar was not within arms reach. So after it was quiet I snuck upstairs (camera in hand) to caputure what I was sure would be C sleeping on the floor. Nope, I walked in and he was sound asleep in bed, caterpillar at his side. He had gotten out of bed, thrown caterpillar back in bed and then pushed his fire truck up against the crib and climbed back in. Silly little business! I just could not believe that he had climbed back in, haha! I think it looks like this boy is heading towards a big boy bed, even if his Momma isn't quite ready :) I feel pretty good that he climbed back in, I am just too nervous that he will hurt himself if he does it again, you know? We are going to go straight to the full size bed that his crib converts too (we have a mattress but it is hidden in storage so I found the best groupon deal $50 for a $200 mattress, I knew it was a sign!!) because it will be nice to have a little more room. Secretly I am excited to be able to snuggle in bed with him and read books, it will also be a whole lot easier to kiss him goodnight, it is hard to bed down over the crib rails, ha!

This is what I am dreaming of bedding wise for his room...anyone want to buy it for the sweet boy? I will either make him a little duvet or find something as similar as possible. I want all of the pieces and they just seem to add up really quickly!!
{image courtesy of pottery barn kids}

What do you think, isn't it cute? I may or may not have found some little car basket labels and little decals that will turn into pictures in his room. I love that I can use the cars sheeting now, but the comforter and such can grow with him, my sweet little boy!

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