Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Village 2011

Hi friends! I am sorry I have been so boring lately - a) my child runs from the camera, b) we aren't really up to anything exciting and c) I have been trying to stay away from the computer - I am on it way too much so I have been taking a break. We enjoyed our weekend here, they go by so fast! We live in Seattle now, did you know? So I have been getting lots done inside with all the rain we have had :) We did venture out to Easter Village again this year, we just love it! C once again was NOT a fan of the Easter Bunny - he was velcroed to my hip, I couldn't stop laughing :)

He liked looking at all of the animals but really didn't want to touch any of them except for the lamb and dogs. He loved the bunnies at the end too, it was really funny. He also loved watching the ducks and chicks, he thought they were really cute :)

He LOVED the dog show this year - oh his little face was SO sweet and just lit up when they started doing all of the agility competitions, it was just precious. I love watching the world through this sweet little boys eyes, it is so fun to watch him having a good time.
We were so exciting that Nana and Grandpa braved the rain to come with us, we think they had a good time too! The camera was acting up so the pictures are a light, but too cute not to share! We enjoyed the rest of our Easter Weekend too!

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