Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We hope everyone had a great day and the Easter Bunny was good to you :) C was pretty excited about the Easter Bunny visiting - he was telling me everything he hoped the he brought, it was pretty funny :) He accidentally found one of the gifts the bunny dropped off early on Saturday night and loved it...a new set of CARS cars! He had so much fun playing with them - and thought the Easter Bunny was pretty great.
He had to hunt for his two little Easter baskets and he loved it, it was TOO fun! He got the biggest kick out of the fact that Easter bunny left one in his cozy coupe! :) He pulled everything out and had too much fun showing us all of his new treasures. He made out like a bandit - the Easter bunny stopped at all the houses - g's, nana/grandpa's, nene/pa-pa's, and nonny and uncle daves!
He loved his new "chappa-chappa" and made sure to put it on all of us - the Easter bunny didn't realize it was cotton candy flavored, it was from the $1 spot at Target! Ha! Since it has been raining we have been utilizing the rain boots, how cute is he?! He was all ready to head outside and go on his Easter egg hunt!
He was too funny - some of the eggs had cars in them and some had an m&m - he quickly realized he could pop the eggs open, eat the candy and toss it aside! He was too funny running all over the place, we had the best time watching him.

Don't my boys look so handsome? I seriously squealed when I got C dressed I thought he looked way too cute! He was rough housing while I was getting him ready and I ended up getting a car thrown in my face but my frustration quickly gave way when I saw this precious kiddo in his little sweater vest :)  I know the options aren't as great for boys - but I really do love dressing my little sugar! Heaven help us though if we ever have a girl :)
After spending the morning at home it was off to Uncle Bill and Uncle David's for brunch! The whole family (including Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Jen) came and it was wonderful! We had the best time hanging out and C was perfect. Momma worries a little because Uncle Bill and Uncle David don't have a Connor proof home (read lots of expensive breakable things!) but he was great. He had so much fun hanging out with everyone and we enjoyed a wonderful day! We feel so blessed this Easter and are so happy that we are able to spend the day with out wonderful families!

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Steph said...

TOO CUTE!! The whole Johnson clan looks precious :) I love your top and fun jewels too! Why is getting dressed such a battle for these children? I don't understand!! could be so much worse! ha :) Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter!! Love you!