Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MB: The During...

I am not sure that I rememberd to mention in the last post that one of the previous homeowners (actually we heard this was quite common back in the day) painted the floors a lovely almost marroonish brown color. We weren't deterred, and the outcome was SO worth it, but it was a LOT of work restoring these 100 year old beauties to their former self.
The above pictures are our room and Connor's room - pre sanding. It took Bj a long time and two different machines in order to get them sanded down to just the wood. The steps were a bit of a challenge and unfortunately they are still a bit of a challenge :) We thought we would just sand and stain them, but once we realized how much the sander ate them up we decided it would be best to carpet. We have the steps going down and a a "t" landing with steps on either side. We are going to put a runner on the "t" and wall to wall carpeting on the steps and landing upstairs. That is lovely looking, isn't it?!

Once everything was sanded down it was time to pick out a stain and poly. I quickly realized that was the easy part! :) I knew that I would be brushing each stroke of stain on and wiping it off, but I didn't realize just how much time it would take me! I think I was a little high on the fumes as I was going through - Bj kept laughing at me when I would come downstairs to take a break :)
Starting the process, don't they look nice? I realized when I looked at this picture that it probably took me so long to post because I look atrocious! Ha! I unfortunately realized that I didn't take an "after" of the floors before we moved the furniture in. Oh well - you can see them in the "after photos" with furniture! We LOVE the way they turned out. We inherited dark wood furniture from The Johnson's and it just compliments everything in the room so well. They may have taken a lot of time (and maybe a year off my life) but it was SO worth it in the end!

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