Thursday, February 17, 2011

Master Bedroom: The Before...

I have been terrible about posting pictures of the house. To be completely honest it's never clean long enough for me to take a picture :) After working all week, making dinner, playing with Connor, and being a wife I really only reserve one day a week to clean...and sometimes I am just too tired to pick up on a daily basis. With that said, I finally took some pictures and I am slowly going to get them up for the world (my 3 followers) to see. As I said, we bought an old house, 96 years old to be exact and we love it. The minute we drove up, I knew I was home. We had three other appointments the day we looked at our house, but never left this one. I knew I wanted something that we could fix up and make our own. That is the thrill to me, not buying something move-in ready, there is nothing at all wrong with move-in ready, it's just not what we were looking for. I know that's not how everyone thinks and after moving in/working on this little place - I see the value of "move-in" ready! Ha!! In all seriousness, this house has been A LOT of work, stress and sweat, but we wouldn't have it any other way. I have learned so much along the way and we just love this little house!
The very first thing we did after signing the papers and getting the keys (seriously we went straight from the closing to the house) was rip up all the carpet upstairs. It wasn't in bad shape, we are just not very carpet friendly in our house. The dogs tend to destroy it - and I only vacuum once a week so we knew it was coming up. We knew the floors were in good shape (when going through the house I "accidentally" pulled a corner of the carpet up!). The floors were original and had been painted a lovely almost maroon color, so they need a lot of sanding before they were ready for stain. 
The master bedroom is at the front of the house and we love it! It has a lot of light and it is big enough for our bed and a little sitting area. We were able to find two perfect chairs and an ottoman from Bj's Grandpa's house that work perfect in the corner. Do you see the old heating vent in the corner? I love all of the black metal grates around the house :) The outlets are funny to, they are not up and down like modern outlets, they are on the side in the molding, it's kind of funny. Next up are the "during" pictures.

What we did: pulled up the carpet, sanded the floors, stained the floors, poly'd the floors, painted the walls, a fresh coat of white paint for the moldings, and a new ceiling fan.

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