Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MB: The After!

Ta-da! The after...we love it! I have to say it was really fun going back and looking at what we had done. Sometimes it doesn't seem like that much but then I remember it really was a lot. Just in this room alone we stripped the carpet, sanded and stained the floors, painted all of the molding white, painted the room and changed out the light fixture. In my very humble opinion the results were well worth the sweat and tears! We still have a few things to do, but they will come in time. C wanted to pose in all the picture so you can see him eating teddy grahams on the bed there! I tried to get some different angles, but I just couldn't there was always one of the posters in the way. Over the summer my sweet Aunt came and helped me paint our room and Connor's room while my cousins watched Connor Man. They were wonderful and I don't think I would have been able to finish it without there help! Everything in the room (except for our bed, the chairs and end table on the other side) are from our old house, and the mirror and armoire. The paint color is from Benjamin Moore and I just love it, it's the second room we have painted this color and I had no doubts about using it again. I just love how soft it is and how well it works with the color of the wood and the bedding.

 We took the bed from The Johnson's basement, it was from an old display home and I just love it. I love a good four poster bed and I just love how perfectly this one fits in the room, with the end tables on either side. I love the windows behind us, I know it's my room but I just love it. And, I guess that's the point right? The bedding was a wedding gift from my NeNe and I still love it. It's from Pottery Barn and I just don't want to change it anytime soon -it fits us. I do really want to get a new sheet set and monogram the pillows. I also wouldn't mind trying to hunt down some euro shams on ebay to monogram - I think that would complete the look. I had been dreading putting that bed skirt together. The way the bed is designed you can't put a regular bed skirt on, and to buy one it would have been too expensive. So, I bought one from Target, cut it up and stapled it to the bed. It ended up being so much easier than I thought and now it hides all of the dog hair that collects under the bed :)
 Across from our bed, our little dresser - the mirror is new, this is the first house we have been able to use it in and I love it! I think I will eventually put some pictures in the frames instead of C's hand and foot prints, but I think they work for now :) See that fan in the mirror? We took down a lovely white and brass one, I love the way this one looks :)
 Have I mentioned how much C loves Shrek? Seriously he watches Shrekkie ALL the time! We have seen them all now and we love them too! This lovely little piece we also stole from my in-laws basement and I love how perfectly it fits in our little corner!! The movers didn't want to move it up the stairs because they said it wouldn't fit, when I was near tears Bj and Greg figured out they could take the top piece off and it was all the room the movers needed! I am so glad because we would have just put the tv on some cheap little thing in the corner that wouldn't have looked nearly as nice. I need to remember to hide that electrical cord in the corner though...
 Just a different angle, to the left of the bed is our little sitting area. Another bonus to the room - we use it all the time! We read books to Connor, play on the ottoman - I love it. When Bj's grandpa passed away over the summer we were getting his house ready for an estate sale and my mother-in-law thought these would look perfect in our room (instead of the couch we were going to put there) and I couldn't agree more. I love them! I may not love the fabric, but as soon as I save up the money I am going to recover them. I don't know what I want to do - something that will work with a different bedding set down the road, but maybe a little pattern to it? Any ideas?
You have to "ooh and ahh" over the floors for me for a moment, we were so excited with how they turned out. I was also pretty proud of myself for staining them by myself, by hand! For a novice "stainer" I thought they looked pretty darn good! That is it, our little bedroom from start to finish! As soon as I get it together, Connor's room is up next on the tour. I laughed the other day when I was chasing C around the house trying to take his picture that it worked out well that I started "revealing" the house finally as C is totally boycotting the camera these days. Little sinker! :) 

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