Thursday, February 3, 2011


 It has been so cold and snowy here this winter and we were feeling some cabin fever last weekend! We are outdoorsy people and feel like the outdoors have taken a back seat to moving, the winter, getting the house together, so we took advantage of the first "warmish" day and went to Castlewood park! Our intentions were to go snow shoeing but the previous day was warm so most of the snow melted (little did we know that more snow was coming, ha!) So we loaded everyone up and off we went!
 I seriously don't know who had more fun - the parents, the dogs or the child! We were all so happy to be out and about moving around, it was glorious! Connor found this "sola" of Bj's in the backseat (don't worry, we dumped the soda and put water in) and he would not let it go the whole hike! He would stop, take a drink and go "ah" - it was hilarious.
 I seriously took like 300 pictures that day - I just haven't really taken my camera out much recently and it felt nice to get some shots of my sweetie's! Also, I couldn't help but do my best to capture how cute he looked. Those boots? That hat - that kiddo totally has me wrapped around his little finger!
 Do you know how hard it is to get a "smiling" picture of this kid? Of a two year old in general!? It's pretty funny - Bj said I have scared him for life with all of the pictures I have taken - I think its just being "2"! :)
 He loved throwing the frisbee to the dogs and they were more than happy to catch it! He is going to have so much fun camping this summer - we seriously can't wait for warmer weather!!

 He could have cared less about taking a picture with his momma and daddy, but we still tried! :)
Before we left we had to stop at the playground and slide "one more time". I think this sweet boy is missing all of our nice weather trips to the park! He kept saying "one more time before connor goes home"! It was pretty cute and we of course gave in to about 15 "one more times". It was a wonderful day - just so much fun to hang out with our sweet little family. We are already planning our next adventure, hopefully we can snow shoe the next time!

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