Thursday, January 27, 2011

These Boots Were Made for Walkin...

 I have a wonderful little family that I used to nanny for when I was in college - they have two boys and have been so gracious and handed down so many things for C! Most of it he won't be able to wear until next summer, but we are thrilled to have stuff for any size! I told Casey that we were thinking of going snow-shoeing on Sunday and she said she had some boots she wanted to give us! Woo-hoo! It was the only thing we really didn't have for him and probably one of the most important for snow-shoeing! Look at those little legs, I could just pinch them they are so cute :)
 She was so sweet and dropped them off (along with a snow suit!) and this little half nakey man has been having so much fun with them! He loves to put them on and zip them up! This little man has also enjoyed calling himself "nakey man" the last few days and taking his pants off. Silly little thing! He has on a onesie, diaper and two shirts :) Do you love his dirty little face? I swear it never stays clean - that is a little applesauce leftover from dinner.
This picture just made me chuckle he was like "what, me?!" These boots seriously kept him entertained for a good 30 minutes :) Nothing much going on around here, this momma is thankful that it is the end of the work week! We had a rough night last night - poor Scouters had a seizure the night the Kepplinger's arrived and ended up having two more last night. It is just awful and we feel so bad for our poor boy. The vet said to just watch him and they are common in dogs but I sure hope they go away! We have no big plans this weekend and I love it! I am sneaking away on Saturday night for a baby shower and I can't wait for that. Otherwise we will be staying warm at home :)

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