Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Fun!

 Do you feel like every time you stop by you see a picture of C in the snow with his snow boots on? I feel that way, it's probably because a.) he loves his snow boots and b.) I am pretty sure we are going to have snow on the ground until next winter, haha! I was trying to think of something exciting to blog about, but we really haven't done anything exciting around here lately! We tend to hibernate in the winter and as a homebody, I kind of like it that way :)
I took advantage of the Barnes and Noble Groupon this weekend and we went to get C some new books. He is totally into reading the same books over and over so we were all kind of looking for some new ones :) We picked out a great truck book, a train book, another Duck and Goose book, but our favorite new book has to be, Little Blue Truck. It is so precious and we have probably read it about 300 times since Sunday :) I treated myself to the Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book for our upcoming trip...and I can't put it down! I seriously love her and I am pretty sure I will finish the book before March!
We had a little Super Bowl gathering at our house and I think Connor may have found his first older woman crush! Our friends came over with their five year old twins, and 13 month little girl. Connor and Annie kept disappearing upstairs to read books...PRECIOUS! Poor little thing though as they were getting ready to leave Connor sat on her lap and said "one more picture momma please". Um...this coming from the kid who SCREAMED and CRIED and carried on when I tried to take a picture of him earlier that afternoon with his cute little football shirt on. Silly little goose! By the way...I know I am a huge dork but I love GLEE. I am pretty sure that they know that I love the song "Thriller" so they played it just for me. C and I have seriously been dancing to it since Monday night. If I can get a picture of him lifting his arms and legs like the Thriller dance I will, it is hilarious and I almost passed out I was laughing so hard :)

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