Monday, December 27, 2010


My sweet, silly Connor - are you really 2? Was that magical day that you arrived in the world really two years ago today? Crazy, sometimes it feels like you have been a part of our lives my whole life, and sometimes I feel like I have been getting ready for your first birthday. Aunt Steph sent me the message I left her on December 16th, 2008 and I cried, and cried and cried. I will NEVER forget leaving her that message. Telling her to pray for us and that I would talk to her when I was a momma. Listening to my voice I remember just how scared I was. Most births are exciting and filled with so much wonderful anticipation - I had all of that, but mostly I was really, really scared. Scared that you wouldn't be okay, scared of how long you would be in the hospital and then just the usual ohmystars we are going to be parents scared. When you came out and your charts described you as "limp and blue" - I will never forget that either. I will never forget asking over and over why you weren't crying and wondering why no one would answer me. Once I saw you - for that brief second before you were whisked away, I was smitten. You will forever and always be my heart - my whole world changed in that sweet instance I saw your face and found out you were my precious little boy, my Connor man. From them on - it was just joy. I will never forget your daddy calling everyone (except Aunt Steph, I wanted to tell her myself) and then ordering pizza's and pizookie's for all the nurses and doctors. I remember him saying "just call me daddy bj!" and how he kept going from me to you - he would return to me with pictures and videos. It made that very, very long day and a half before I got to see you a little more bearable.
Now look at you - you are a walking, running, talking, garbage truck loving, m&m loving little stink pot. You have brought more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible. I love pretty much everything about you - except the tantrums and endless battle with changing your diaper. Does that mean you will be easy to potty train? Don't you remember when you would just lay there for me!? :) Ha! 

I love your laugh, your smile, your enthusiasm, your amazing power of persuasion, your love of life and your willingness to try new things. I love that I can't see a garbage truck (or any truck for that matter) and not smile and think of you. I love that you can spot an "m" from a mile away and will smile that sweet smile until I give you as many as you want :) I love how you have started playing with your toys and you say "mon momma" when you want me to play with you - and everyone else. I love how you will repeat a lot of what we do, including throwing the word "shit" into your vocabulary every once in awhile. Oops! I love how you like to smile and wave at us when you are doing something naughty. I love that you love to color, dance and "go crazy" during Yo Gabba Gabba. I love that you ask for "meat" and you love "no-no's and shicken".  Mostly, I just really love you!
We started your 2nd birthday off right with Miss. Ju Ju bringing you a cookie! Daddy took the day off and we went on over to the magic house. We had so much fun playing with the musical instruments, the water and going down the slide. After we played, it was off to Chik Fil A for some "shiken" and french fries. I got you a lemonade to drink but somehow you manages to steal my drink :)

After a little snooze it was time for dinner and opening presents! We gave you a garbage truck and that was pretty much the only thing you cared about :) You love the garbage truck so much, it is hilarious. Your eyes lit up and you screamed "gababa truck" - it was priceless. I was so excited about that garbage truck, you and I had been looking it up on the Internet for weeks. Sweet Connor we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you to the moon and back and we can't wait to see what this next year has in store!

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