Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danieley L 103!

I have to start out by saying I have a great group of girlfriends. We, the eight of us, have been friends since college. We have been through so much together - ups, downs and in betweens! I was able to share with them at our first ever reunion that Connor Francis would be joining the group the following year, they were with me at my dad's funeral, weddings, sending me care packages when I was scared and in the hospital and everything else that goes along with being friends for so long. We started these reunions three years ago and we are still going strong! We had such a great time laughing, eating, shopping and spending time as friends. I just think it's so great that we take the time and effort to make these happen every year. It is also fun to see how far things have come in a year. We laughed when we realized I still lived in Colorado and had a newborn at our reunion last year - and Reaggie was still in her momma's tummy!
Connor was so good on the plane - he listened to his momma and only had one little crying jag where I knew his ears were bothering him. A kind, kind woman behind me gave him some animal crackers to chew on and it was just what the doctor ordered!

He had SO much fun with his girlfriend Reagan. They seriously loved each other and were just cute as can be! We had a huge photo shoot on Klein's nice camera, so those will come at a later date :) They squealed with laughter when they saw each other and I felt guilty taking him away when it was time to leave! ha!

Connor also loved all of his aunt's! I came in to see him being bounced, squealing with delight on the air mattress surrounded by pretty ladies :) I may be in trouble in the future, ha!
We went out on Saturday night and saw the best 80's cover band, The Breakfast Club, they were a riot and we had a BLAST! I felt like we were right back in college as we were singing and dancing away. It was such a great time! I laughed as I paid for it, after getting home Connor woke up and kept me awake until 6am when we had to get up at 7am! Yikes! He is such a great little boy but not the best traveler :) He and Reaggie both knew they were on vacation too - staying up until all hours partying!! :)
I love this picture, we have so many pictures like this and I love each and every one of them :) Steph was such a great host and we had the best time - thank you for everything Stephie D!
I have some good-looking friends, don't you think!?
Connor was an absolute angel on the plane ride home and I had the best time traveling with him. We had our own row on the way home from Chicago and he just hung out, ate, read books and looked out the window. He really is the sweetest little boy and I couldn't help but snap this picture as he had his little arm "resting" on the arm rest :) We had such a great weekend and we already can't wait for next year!

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Lauren said...

Sounds like the weekend was wonderful! Missed you all so much. I looked for you on Skype on your Sunday morning...too much fun must have been had the night before :)