Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Poor Bj, his birthday was last Monday, but I am just now getting around to posting about it! Ha, do you ever have those weeks where there is just too much going on to fit in the day? I feel like those have been my weeks here lately. All good, but very busy! We had fun celebrating Daddy's birthday! I made him a t-shirt quilt out of all of his old shirts from concerts, camp and sports events. It was really fun to look through and pick out the perfect shirts and I loved surprising him! I made a few bibs out of the t-shirts scraps for Connor and that is how I gave him the quilt...I think he was surprised! Here is Connor measuring it :) It isn't quite finished and we have a few more shirts Bj wanted to add, I am so excited though! Bj went to the Cardinals home opener in the afternoon with his Dad so we didn't do presents and cake until really close to Connor's bedtime. He may have been crying in the picture I got, but he was really happy 2 seconds before :) Right after this picture thought it was night night time :) He was so good to stay up and help his daddy open his presents!

Happy Birthday Bj, we love you so much and hope you had a great day! Sorry it took me a week to tell the blog world about your birthday :) We can't wait to see what we get into this next year!

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