Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Whew - I am feeling so behind! We had a nice weekend, nothing exciting - but really nice! Connor went to the zoo with Aunt Jen, her friend and her son Graeyson and had a blast! They are the two cuties in the last picture snoozing away! Jen said he loved the train - we can't wait to take him back! We think Aunt Jen is pretty great though and Connor is so lucky to have her! We hung out on Saturday and went over the The Johnson's on Sunday to hang out and went to Hacienda for an early birthday dinner for Bj. It was great! The weather was just perfect and we had the best spot on the patio. Connor was great - into everything, including trying to get my margarita! :) We just had such a wonderful time, great food and great company :) After that it was home and into bed! Connor is showing off his new jammies in the first picture - that is what he did when I said "say cheese!" little cutie pie. He keeps trying to steal Bj's cups from work and Nonny's sunglasses - little turkey! That is about it - kind of a random post with some random weekend pictures :)

We hope you had a great weekend too!

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