Monday, April 19, 2010

Water Table Fun!

This little sweetie LOVES the water. He always has - the water and the outdoors have always been sources of calm for him and we love it! Bj and I both are outside the minute the weather is nice enough and outside for all long as the weather is nice! :) One of the projects I have had on the agenda for C is a water table that will also serve as a "bean, rice and anything else we have on hand" table when it isn't conducive for playing in the water. Nonny had an old Tupperware box in the garage that I promptly stole and until I screw some legs on it is standing on top of two foot rests for the patio equipment! Connor LOVED it! He stood at that table with his diaper, shirt and socks on and splashed and splashed his little heart out! One of his favorite spots in the house is the dog bowl so this was no surprise to any of us :) I pulled out all of his dollar spot water toys and he went to town! He is too sweet and we can't wait for all of the pool visits, running through the sprinkler and water table play to come this summer! After all - we think it's one of the best parts of the summer :)
After he was all done playing I stripped him down and let him run around the backyard to dry off - he looked so cute and I couldn't resist snapping a little belly picture. I love that sweet little belly and that sweet little boy!

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Angela said...

I have heard that fake snow is super fun for kids (and maybe adults too :)) to play with! And if you make it two different colors you can have a "war"! That might be better for older kids though.

p.s. I can't WAIT to see you and Connor Man in a couple days!