Sunday, March 7, 2010

Heelllooooo SPRING!

I know I may be jinxing it, as it's still early - but heellloooo spring, momma has missed you! We have had the some gorgeous weather here in the Lou and I love it! It *may* have still been a little chilly the other night, but it was nice enough and light out so we ran to our long lost park! The dogs were so excited they were running around in circles and Connor was thrilled once he saw where we were :) We have missed the park so much and it was great to be back! Now hat Connor is a walking man it was really fun to see him actually play with things as opposed to last year where we really just played on the swings. Now he can walk and point to all of the places he wants to go! What else did we do this weekend? Connor, Frankie, Annie and I went swimming at the indoor pool on was fun! I told my mom not to run upstairs if she heard screaming, it was just me putting on my swimming suit! We had an Oscar party on Sunday and Celebrate Fitness on Saturday! It was a great weekend :)

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