Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15 Months!

My sweet boy, I say this every month, but how has another month gone by? You are hilarious as a 15 month old and we can't get enough of you. You got these beads at the St. Patrick's Day parade and you haven't taken them off since - we call you Mr. T because you pile on as many as you can and it cracks us up. We think you look darling and can't get enough of this little personality that is shining through. The Easter bunny dropped off one of your little gifts early this year, some chalk and we decided to take advantage of a nice day and try it out! You had so much fun with it and it was so fun to watch you mimic what we were doing. We have had so much fun this month sending you on little "errands" around the house to see how much you are understanding and it's AMAZING! We can tell you to do something and you do it, you are so smart at this age it is scary! You love to say "hi" to everyone you see and you give kisses. They are the sweetest thing any of us have ever seen and we can't get enough of them! You walk around like a champ and we are pretty sure you are going to start running here before we know it. You sometimes look like a little old man when you walk and it is so very sweet to us. You giggle and laugh all the time - but you can definitely be a little crabby when things aren't going your way.

You are eating well and drinking tons and tons of milk! We are slowly working on eliminating bottles (though not your night time one, momma just isn't ready for that yet) and you are doing great. You are transitioning over into one 4 hour nap after lunch and doing great! It is really kind of fun to have all morning to play with you - it is going to be great this summer and spring when the weather is nice. You love the dogs and chase after poor Scout whenever you can! You have started to really love brushing your teeth and sometimes try to steal our tooth brush! You are so affectionate and love on your bunny and blankey all day. You also love to sit in our laps and read books. We think you are working on some new teeth - and bless your heart we hope they come in soon!
You are an amazing, wonderful, precious little bundle of life and you have made our lives so sweet. We just love watching you grow and change every month, it is a privilege to call myself your momma. We love you so much you little stink pot, here's to month 16!

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