Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We love St. Patty's day around our house - we really love holidays in general, but St. Patrick's Day is one of our favorites! We decided to head to the parade since it was going to be such a beautiful day and it didn't disappoint! We had so much fun, though Connor's faces don't show that :) Ha! It was SO crowded that we only were able to take pictures at the end of the parade and by that time he was ready to head home and take a snooze. He was so cute though, he was just watching everyone and he kept "caressing" the hair of the girl that squeezed her way in next to Connor and G. Can you see all of his beads? He worked very hard collecting them (they covered up his cute shirt that said O'Connor!), he worked so hard in fact that he hasn't taken them off since. No joke - we take them off only to eat, sleep and bathe, other than that he wears all of his beads :) After the parade we had the family over for some corn beef sandwiches! We had some cupcakes and Irish Soda bread too! Overall it was a great day and we are already looking forward to sporting our green next year!

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