Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Remember when I said Connor hasn't taken off his beads since St. Patrick's Day? I really wasn't kidding - he is still wearing them, as I type this on the 23rd! We said he looks like Mr-T, he is such a little cutie! So, do you like Connor's new jammies? We think he looks pretty cute in his "big boy" jammers. The funny thing about those jammers is I just bought them at Kohl's last weekend...My mom and I ran to Kohl's last Sunday, I needed to pick up a few things and she wanted to go to the Dollar Store down the street. We commented on how quiet Connor was in his car seat, I said oh he is just playing with his sippy cup, hanging out. Obviously I wasn't paying too much attention to that sippy cup because when I went to get him out of the car I noticed it was empty and he was SOAKING wet! He has turned it upside down and dumped the whole thing out. They are supposed to be spill proof - but apparently this one wasn't on the right way or something! So we plopped him in the stroller and bought him a new pair of jammies in Kohl's! Of course we had to put the beads back on :) I thought that was too funny not to remember years down the road!

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