Sunday, February 14, 2010

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

We had a nice little Valentine's Day in the Lou, I hope you did to! We have never really been a go out and do something on Valentine's day kind of family so we enjoyed our usual day at home! Bj had to work so we got everything ready and had a nice little dinner when he got home! We don't really do gifts for each other, but we had to spoil the little man! He got three books, a monkey, a valentine's day plate and the dog's toys in his basket too :) Ha! He loves the Biscuit books, so we HAD to get him the "Where is Love" book! We had a yummy dinner of homemade heart-shaped pizza, salad and a little heart shaped cake! I am such a dork, but it was really fun and delicious! By delicious I mean the pizza and the salad, what was not so delicious was the cake! I thought I would be all healthy schmelthy and make the cake using a Weight Watchers tip I heard a while back. They said the use the cake mix and a can of diet soda and that was it, it was moist and delicious! Well, moist it was, delicious it was not - we cooked it but it tasted like we had not even put it in the oven. My mom and Bj looked at me like what are you feeding us?! It was pretty funny - I had to share! Connor man wanted to sport his new "C' shirt that Aunt Steph made him! Thanks Aunt Steph, I LOVE it!!! :) :)
Last weekend Connor and I set out to paint his Valentine's and take pictures in his heart shirt so that we could deliver Valentine's and goodies to all of our family. Well, we made all the Valentine's (and if you live out of town you received them!) we even made the cookie bars and brownies, however we never made our rounds to deliver them! Oops! The weather just was too yucky to bring the little man out in so we opted for the warmth of home instead of the cold and delivering Valentine's. The thought was there, that has to count - right? Be on the look-out because maybe we will stop by this week! We had a really nice day, and hope you did to! Now that Valentine's day is over it is time to gear up for that great holiday...St. Patrick's Day!!

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