Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chow Time

Apparently Connor felt that the doggies were unable to eat on there own, so he needed to show them just how it's done. Here guys, let me feed you your food by hand, just like Momma and Daddy to for me! That's much better, isn't it?!

Okay, now that you are all done...do you want a treat? Let me grab them, they are over here.

Good doggies, you love your puppy treats dont' you?! We probably fed the dogs 10 puppy treats each last night - I thought it was a little too cute and Connor thought it was a little too fun! He loves responding to/doing anything that involves the phrase "do you want to help momma...." He is so sweet and he loves his doggies!

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Jess said...

you got a reward