Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Saturday!

We have had a nice little Saturday over here at Casa de Granny! I wanted to post the picture of my little man and I to show the world that we do in fact occasionally change him out of his pajamas! :) We went to Annie's for a Ragland party and Granny bought Connor the cutest shorts! They are little seersucker critter shorts and he is going to look so cute in them in Michigan this summer! We bought him a size 2, I can't believe my little sweet pea is going to be wearing a size 2! Ah, I can't wait for summer!!! Other than that, we ran some errands and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a really nice day - we are getting excited for Valentine's day tomorrow. I have our dinner all picked out along with our desert, it should be a fun little day. That is about all I have going on here! Connor is starting to fit into all of the clothes I bought him at Gymboree last winter and he looks precious - I love all the little sweaters. He even wore his red barn jacket this afternoon - so cute! I was entertaining the thought of getting him a little haircut, but I just can't do it. I am not there yet and it's okay. We MAY consider trimming the little rat tail in the back, but other than that no scissors near my sweet pea's head quite yet!

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