Sunday, February 28, 2010

City Garden

G, Bobby and Patrick came over to visit us on Thursday so we could have dinner and head down to the CityGarden and walk around. It is a new "walking park" downtown with different artist sculptures and these really cool "light balls" over what will be the fountains in the summer. They were so neat - they changed color and looked so pretty all lit up with the arch in the background! I did my best to capture it, aren't the colors so pretty? I think the Arch looks so nice in the background, I can't wait until Connor is big enough to ride in the Arch! It was a little chilly out so we were only able to walk around for a few minutes, but it was really fun. We said that we would definitely make a trip back in the summer to see it during the day and let C play in the fountains!

I couldn't get everyone to smile at the same I couldn't get Connor to smile for the picture :) He was having too much fun with his cousins and I can't say I blame him! We are so lucky to have a great G and co who come over and play with us, we love it!
I just had to include the picture of Connor and buddy, they are best buds and looked pretty cute all bundled up in the stroller!

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