Wednesday, February 17, 2010

14 Months Old!

Oh sweet Connor, happy 14 month birthday to you! Your little personality is coming out in full force lately and you are constantly cracking us up! You are almost totally walking - you can walk just fine (you don't walk sideways anymore!) and you are starting to walk more and more places without us coaxing you but sometimes you like to stick to your good old crawling skills. You LOVE to read - I think saying LOVE is an understatement, you LOVE to read! We on occasion have sat for an hour just reading books. One day we read a half hour past your 2:00 nap time! If you have a toddling toddler you know that doing anything for longer than 15 minutes is a huge feat! You love your doggies and your new favorite thing is to feed them treats. I think you would feed them treats all day if we let you!

I did not get a great shot of you on your 14 month birthday, but I tried! You can climb on and off the couch, bed and chairs. It is so sweet you get a wide circle going, turn around and plop down! I have to get a video of it, because it's a little too sweet for me! You love to give kisses now and you love to say "da-da"! I am pretty sure you are saying "momma" too and your sounds are starting to change! We know any day you are going to be talking up a storm, lord help us! If you take after me this house will cease to ever be quiet. You love to wave "hi and bye", you love to "sniff" the flowers in your books. You will go and "get" things for us. We can tell you to get a book or bunny and you will toddle on over and get it! I keep forgetting to mention that you have been drinking whole milk since about a week after your one year birthday. You love it and just like with anything else you transitioned great! You still eat almost anything we give you, you just don't eat a lot. Except at breakfast where you eat a TON! You eat waffles, eggs (this morning it was an egg,cheese and Canadian bacon omelet) oatmeal and a banana! Whew!

I love sleeping pictures, can you tell? I have maybe posted one or two on the blog :) I came in to get you this morning to see if you were awake, I missed you and wanted a snuggle...and this is what I found! You are too sweet for words and I could watch you sleep all day long. When you wake up though you are ready to go! You have a strong will and a bit of a stubborn streak we are starting to see! You definitely make it known when there is something you do not like!!
You are an absolute blessing and we love you to the moon and back! You amaze us everyday with the things you are learning - no exaggeration when I say that you learn something new every single day. I have seriously loved every stage of watching you grow thus far and this age has not disappointed. You have changed our lives as we watch you grow, learn and take in the world around you. I love watching you, learning from you and loving you little man! You are sweet as can be and we love you!!!

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