Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wisdom Teeth/The Face

So sorry for being quiet over here in the midwest, I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday afternoon and it has quieted me down for a bit! I didn't think I would be up and running the next day, but I was hoping to be! I just kept saying I don't have time to be laid up on the couch, I have too many things to do. It is also a lot harder to "recover" when you have a little one to care for! Thankfully my aunt and cousin helped me with Connor on Thursday night when my mom went out (Bj was at work) and my mom helped me when she could on Friday and Saturday. I am feeling much better today - I still look like a chipmunk on one side and I have a little bruising, but nothing I can't handle :) Thankfully we were blessed with a pretty great baby who was so good to his momma all weekend - he is a great sleeper and we both took great naps on Friday! Nothing very exciting around here, lots of Popsicles, pudding, ice cream and soup for us! On a funny note - I went to get Connor up from his nap on Saturday and he had pulled ALL of his laundry from the basket into his crib! He is too much! I didn't have a camera handy, but I sure wish I did. Oh and the above face in the above picture? He has been making this face lately and we can't help but laugh. It is a riot. It's like "really people, don't you understand how hard it is to be one!?" Ha! Oh and by the way - look at those eyes? Those eyes are going to walk all over me when he is older!

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lightingtheweb said...

Isn't it sad when we don't have time to be sick. Your little guy is adorable!