Sunday, January 17, 2010

13 Months!

You know what happens when you turn 13 months old the weekend your momma gets her wisdom teeth taken out? She forgets to make you a sign! Oh well...something tells me you aren't going to be too terribly upset with me. Wow, you are 13 months old, I can't say you are just "one" anymore, I have to say "13 months". I was talking to Nana and we were talking about how this time last year we had only just brought you home from the hospital, the day before your one month birthday. Looking back I still can't believe that you spent a month in the NICU and to look at you know, you would never know. You have been so busy this month - you took your first steps, got your first pair of "pre-walker" shoes, and lots of new toys! You are still wearing 12 month clothing - I got a little ahead of myself and pulled out all the 18 month stuff but you just aren't there yet.We bought you some "snack traps" and you love pulling your treats out and putting them back in. It makes me chuckle - it does keep you entertained for awhile though! You are talking up a storm lately and you are starting to point at things you want, it is also kind of funny. You still love to read books, play with your cars, ride in shopping carts and get into everything! You are so funny and we laugh with you all the time - you have started laughing right along with us when we talk about something - its pretty sweet. Realizing that you were indeed 13 months old, it made me realize I need to post your birthday video, one of these days I will get to it. Hopefully before you turn 14 months old! Ha! We think you are just pretty great and we love you to the moon and back!

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Steph said...

such a sweet man!! i love it :) 13 months?! how does that happen so fast!? so your 13 month old and my 7 month old are wearing the same size clothes! haha!! that's fun :) too bad they aren't both boys or both girls! love you!!