Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We in the midwest were graced with some SNOW this last week - it was so beautiful, I love the freshly fallen snow! I love it the most though when I don't have to go anywhere and we can enjoy it from the comforts of our jammies (which we did, all weekend long!) Connor doesn't have any good "snow gear" so after reading Kelly's post on bringing the snow to Harper, I thought I would steal the idea! Connor was pretty excited about the snow, a little uncertain at times, but cute as could be! He kept touching it and looking up at me like "momma, it's COLD!" and the he wanted to eat it and stir it with his wooden spoon. It is so fun to watch them do little things like this for the first time. I tried to find some food coloring to make the snow some fun colors, but couldn't locate any, so white snow for us it was!

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