Monday, October 5, 2009

Pearl Snaps & Sh** Kickers Pig Roast!

My brother and his friend Joe, has started having their annual Pearl Snaps and Shit Kickers Pig Roast! Sorry for the profanity - this is a baby blog, but that's the name of the party! We were so excited that Uncle Bubba was able to make it in for the festivities and we were so excited to go! Everyone has to wear a pearl snap shirt and cowboy boots. So, I had to be on the lookout and found a pearl snap shirt for Connor a very long time ago and I have been SO excited to dress him in it and get him all ready for the party! I was beside myself he looked so cute! The shirt fit perfectly and he was seriously the hit of the party. He has his pearl snap shirt ($4.39 at Gymboree) new jeans, and cowboy boot socks. Yet the little man has cowboy boot socks! I found them in the NC state with Aunt Steph and Reags!
The little sweet pea getting ready to go - if you look close enough you can see his bottom toofers!
The Lawton/Johnson crew - I think we are a pretty cute little cute, if I do say so myself
Eyeing Uncle Bubba's beer with Granny :)
He loves his daddy! Look at those sweet chubby cheeks with his hat on, I love it!
Everytime I look at this picture I think it is CFJ's arm on the grill!
Hi Guys, Just hanging out with my Granny!
The Chef's! They did such a great job :)
Little Mr. thinking he can drink his Uncle's beer?!

In addition to his cute party attire, I was able to put him in his little vest for the first time (It was a chilly night!!). His little vest was the first thing I ever bought him, it was $3.00 on sale at Old Navy and I remember ordering it from my hospital bed - staring in at the little man who would someday fit into it. It is darling and he looked so handsome. He even had to break out the hat and mittens for him! We all took turns with him in his Baby Bjorn - and it was so funny you could always tell who had him because there was always a huge circle of girls around the little sweet pea! What am I going to do when girls start calling my sweet pea?! We had such a nice time - the whole family was there and it was a good evening. The boys did such a great job with the pig - everything was delicious! I was laughing and said I hadn't been to a pig roast since college - you know we had some pig roasts in good old North Carolina! We already can't wait for the next year - thanks for a great night Uncle Bubba and Joe!

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Lauren said...

This looks like so much fun. And I can't get over how cute little CFJ is in his pearl button shirt. You look great, Elle!!!