Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Kid Decisions

We have been busy making decisions around the homestead these last few days and I think we have come to some good conclusions. We have been looking for houses for the last few months and we were pretty excited about it! It has been pretty easy living with my mom since May - I mean, who can beat having a babysitter that lives downstairs?! So, we found a house and were pretty excited about it, well - this weekend we decided no way, we can't do it! Ah! Our weekend was a whirlwind of making decisions and figuring out what was best for our family at this time. After a few day long discussions, we decided we are going to continue living upstairs at Case de Granny's for the next few months, pay off our remaining debt and save a little more before venturing out into the home front again. I never thought we would be excited about staying in limbo and not having our own place yet - but I think we are both really excited about this decision. We said never again will we have the opportunity to not have a mortgage where all of our money can go towards savings or debt consolidation. It was just so crazy and so different from the decision to buy our first house. We liked the house, we could afford it and that was it! Now we are factoring in things like buying on one salary, when we plan on expanding our family, how much we want to spend on a mortgage, what school districts we like and the list goes on! I am feeling oh so grown up lately :) I was laughing that in the course of two months I have cried at work in the middle of a meeting (we had just found out that we are getting benefits!!!!!! oh, I am tearing up right now - we are talking, medical, maternity and vacation! We were going to have to spend $600 a month on Bj's plan to insure the three of us, but now, as of September 21 - Bj is free and I will be spending $34 a month to insure CFJ and I! Oh the sweet relief - and for the record a few other people cried in the meeting too!!) and made the decision to stay at my mom's house - with my husband, son and two dogs! I was joking about how it's the little things in life that get me excited these days, like benefits and paying off debt! So, that is our big news - it will be a few more months until I am hopefully posting about a new home!

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