Thursday, October 15, 2009

"It's All about the Burger!"

Last night Granny, Connor, MP, Gerard, Annie, George, Frankie and I went to test out Bj's new restaurant! We have an "in" with the GM and thought we better make sure he was running the place up to Five Guys standards! :) It was so fun to see Bj hard at work in HIS restaurant, he has been working so hard lately and we are so proud of him. It was so fun to have everyone there, we had such a nice time! Bj was busy as could be, but was able to sneak over for a quick picture! He said they finished up their opening week with a little under $60,000 in business! He said it is the best opening that they have ever had! It was no surprise to us though, we just knew his restaurant would be a huge success!

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Steph said...

way to go bj!!! congrats on the successful restaurant!! when reags and i come visit, we will just HAVE to come eat a know, twist my arm! :)