Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Little Dancing Fool

Connor has taken up dancing lately - it is THE most precious thing I have ever seen! He will be crawling and - STOP- to dance. We love it, we usually are howling with laughter, he is a little bit on the cute side. He is covered in breakfast and not totally amused with me this morning, but it was a little too cute not to share! He can't help it, you go "Connor can you dance?" and he just starts grooving away! Hopefully the little man's dance skills will be better than momma and daddy's! Hope you enjoy :) Oh, and please note the dogs patrolling the edge of the high chair - it's their new favorite spot. They just wait for Connor to throw out a hand to lick, or food to gobble up, it's a riot! Connor just laughs and they can't wait for him to get out so they can really dig their noses in for any discarded cheerios! Crazy little dogs!! :)

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Lauren said...

Sooooo cute! I just want to squeeze him!