Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 Months Old!

My sweet, precious Connor - this month hit your momma harder than previous months. I seriously cannot believe that you are ten months old today, and only two more months from now daddy and I will be remembering the moment we laid eyes on you. I say all the time that I knew I would love you, but I didn't think I could love you this much - you have been an absolutely amazing gift these past 10 months. I don't think we could love you anymore if we tried, our eyes light up every time we see you. You have this effect on most people who see you especially your parents, doggies, grandparents and great-grandparents! You have been SO busy this month and I am amazed everyday at the development we see in you. Your Uncle Steve, Aunt Pamela, and cousins (Ian, Vanessa and Morgan) were just in town from California and it was the first time they had met you. You were a hit - you were the best little boy BOTH nights at dinner - and everyone just couldn't get over what a sweet boy and little flirt you were! You were such a trooper as you were waaayyy off schedule both nights AND growing two more teeth, but your demeanor was nothing less than perfect. You coyly flirted and waved hi and bye to everyone, and were the hit of the party! I was just so proud of you, my son, so proud of your sweet personality and your ability to adapt to the new people and places around you. It is just going to be so much fun watching you grow up, I know I will enjoy every minute.
Okay - what have you been up to this month Connor-Man? You are still into everything! You are getting so fast with your crawling and you pull yourself up on every sturdy and not-so-sturdy object! We bought you a "walker/rider" per Angela's suggestion and you seem to like it so far. You like to pull yourself up on it, and you like that it moves, but you haven't coordinated all of the steps yet. It's still pretty fun to watch you! Every single thing you can find goes in your mouth and I mean every single thing. We spend a good portion of the day pulling paper, dog hair, and fabric scraps out of your mouth. We laugh that if we ever lose something on the floor, we only need to set you down and you will find it! This month you learned where the fan is and every time we walk into a room (or you wake up) your little face goes right up to the fan and the lights! It's pretty stinkin cute. You have decided that you want to eat with your fingers these days and I feel the days of pureed foods are going to become a distant memory! You started eating cheerios, banana chunks, and cheese with your fingers! You also tried cranberries, apples and turkey this month! You have so far been a fan of all of them :) You went to your first birthday party this month and had so much fun! You love to watch kiddos around you, I can't wait to watch you interact in the future. You are crawling over things now and you can crawl from the floor, onto a cushion on the floor, onto the couch! We didn't realize how quickly your skills were developing until one day I looked down and you had crawled on top of the dishwasher lid while I was putting the dishes away! I have a feeling you will keep us on our toes always and we will continue to be amazed by all of the things you do. You still love Scout and Sedona, now more than ever, your favorite thing to do is feed them! They just wait by your high chair knowing that the scraps and your fingers will soon be coming over the side! You are an absolutely wonderful little man with an awesome personality and we are so honored you are our! We love you, you little stink pot!

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Steph said...

soooo sweet!! love the pictures :) how he is 10 months already?!?!