Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Months Old!!

OH! I am SEVEN MONTHS OLD TODAY! I have a new high chair - and the printer wasn't working for Momma to print out my sign! :)
Our little man is 7 MONTHS OLD! I mean...he is closer to 1 than he is to being a teeny tiny newborn man! It's the rest of our life going to go by this fast?
Let's see - this last month has brought so many changes! Connor you are now eating carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, zucchini, watermelon, and peas! You also love your rice cereal, whole grain cereal and oatmeal. You have started sitting in your high chair and while it is still a little small, you are growing into it! You have started sitting up (still with assistance, but you are getting there mister man!), picking up objects and everything goes STRAIGHT into the mouth. You are still TERRORIZING your exersaucer, you look like you are just going to fly out of it you have so much fun. You are (and have been since about the three month mark) great about going to bed and you love to sleep in your crib. You scoot all over the place and its funny to see where you are in the morning - usually its up in the right corner. You move around so much we put your bumper pad's back in because you kept bonking your head on the side of the crib. You now love to have your eyebrows rubbed when you are sleepy. You love to sing and talk and so far your favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus" (you will quiet down almost immediately when we sing to you). You love to be outside and you went on your first boat ride on Sunday! You got your first cold - you recovered just fine - but momma and daddy were a little sad about the whole thing! Your first tooth started showing and then went away - but now we can see TWO beginning to make their way up and out. You like to read and play with your toys. You know how to roll over but you only do it when YOU feel like it :). You now love to play at the park and get so excited on the swing - you love to go up, uP, UP and away - your whole face breaks out into a huge grin and your eyes just light up. You kick your legs and smile when we come into the room. You love your family and get so excited when someone comes to see you. Your tootsies are ticklish and you love when we give you raz-berries on your belly, and when daddy makes you fly in the air! You are just the sweetest little boy and we couldn't love you anymore if we tried. We keep telling you we couldn't have made you any better if we ordered you off the internet! Here's to you precious boy and all that your next month brings!

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