Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boys Hope Girls Hope Pub Crawl...

I am going to preface this with - I did this for a good cause, and I haven't done a pub crawl since I was a junior in college. With that being said - I think I might STILL be drunk from the pub crawl on Saturday morning! HOLY HANNAH this momma was out of shape when it came to drinking at 10am on a beautiful weekend morning. Our friend Meredith works for Boys Hope Girls Hope and they do a Poker Pub Crawl to raise money for the kiddos. When they asked us to be a part of it, how could we say no? When they told us we had to be the drunkest team on the crawl, for the kiddos, how could we say no? So, we lined up the Grandma's to watch Connor and headed down to Soulard at 10am on Saturday morning. I think perhaps the three beers I had prior to the crawl starting or the three grape shots on special that Greg MADE me take at the second bar may have had something to do with my state of mind :)
This was our third bar and I remember it very clearly because they had really good hot dogs! This was the group, we met all of these people (minus Greg in the black hat) on Saturday and they were so nice! It was good to meet new friends in St. Louis.
Greg and Bj at the last bar - the last bar before going back to the first one to wait in line for the buffet. I think we waited a good 40minutes and I would have waited 40 more! Can we see a theme here with me and the food?!
This picture right here is for my Danieley girls - yep if you look closely that is me ON STAGE with the two man band, shaking a maraca. Yep - that is not the first time I have done that and it probably won't be the last. I about peed my pants when I saw this - I will say that the last time I was on stage with the two man band I was not a momma!!

Overall it was a great day - the weather couldn't have been better and it's always nice to go out and enjoy an activity that helps children and families in need. I figure I would want someone to do the same for us which is why we HAD to attend the event and why I had to CRAWL home. We fell asleep at 8:30 and didn't move until the next morning where we both felt nice and refreshed to hang out with the bugster.


Steph said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! it wouldn't be a pub crawl if ellen wasn't on stage with a 2 man band shaking a moracca!!! :) :) i want to do this with you next year...would the grandma's mind watching our little peanut too?!?!?! :)

Angela said...

Love it Elle!! A perfect way to end the pub crawl! :)