Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Good Friend Julie

As I was gearing up for my first day of work, I realized I had nothing to wear. This is a common occurrence in my house (even though Bj so kindly points out I have a whole closet full of things to wear) except this time I legitimately didn't have anything to wear as nothing fits this round body quite yet. So, I HAD to run over to my favorite place, Ann Taylor Loft, and look for something on the sale rack. Well, they were kind enough to help me out and had the perfect pair of khaki pants for me - on sale. This is where I will introduce you to my friend Julie. The most wonderful pants for the curvy woman ever made. I am, always have been, and always will be a curvy lady. I am more so curvy now than I ever have been and that makes me appreciate these pants that much more. They are so comfy, super cute and they fit this big body and make me feel SOMEWHAT cute. I was introduced to Julie a few years ago and I will hunt through the sale rack and buy whatever Julie's I can find, regardless of how cute they are. In fact, I have a whole closet full of fall and winter Julie's anxiously awaiting my return to their size. In fact they BEGGED me to stop eating brownies so I will lose weight and be re-united with them :) I am listening and goal is to be back with them by the fall - wish me luck! Mark my words, with Julie on my hips - I will get this baby weight off by the fall!!! So, if you are ever in need of a cute, comfy, curvy fit - look no further than my good friend Julie!

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