Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1...

We both survived our first day of work! I think GG also survived watching Connor for the day :) All looks good for Bj and I on the job front, I really liked mine so far and Bj felt the same way! Woo-hoo! It is always nice once you know what is going on at a job, so I think we are looking forward to the training period being over, but other than that all went great. Tomorrow will be my first day juggling myself and Connor man and getting us out the door, to Nana's open arms, and me to work by 8! Phew, I am a little tired thinking about it, but something tells me we will be just fine. I am pretty lucky that Nana is on the way to and from my office. That is all for now, little momma is going to hit the hay!

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