Sunday, June 14, 2009


Connor Francis made his first trip to the beach!! We were all excited to take him down and see what he thought. I walked up and down the beach with him the day before and he loved the sound of the waves - he listens to waves at night with his sound machine - and I think it was zoning him out, it was kind of funny!Granny, Momma and Connor! He had to wear his "rash guard" and swim suit - I was too nervous down at the beach with his fair skin and bright sun!
The Little Family! The camera was foggy from the humidity - but I still thought I would post the pictures :)
Relaxing on his beach towel!
He thought the beach was okay - but preferred the calm pool instead. He got a little freaked out at the waves coming in and out - and my apologies for the obscene swimming suit picture!
Little Piggy Toes in the Sand!!!
He thought it was much more fun to hang out with daddy in the pool where it was calm and quiet!
Hanging out in the chair by the pool - we said he looked so relaxed, he needed a margarita in one hand! :)
After a long day at the beach and pool it was lights out in the peapod :) By the way - in love with this thing - it folds up, fit in the suitcase and it was his bed and nap time tent at the pool! He was such a good boy and too stinkin cute - we just had the best time!

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