Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kennedy

What a beautiful wedding! I don't think Maggie could have looked anymore gorgeous - nor Andrew or anyone else in the family. They picked a stunning spot to get married, Magnolia Plantation, and the whole day was just perfect. They look so happy and everything went off without a hitch. Connor was great during the ceremony and I may have cried a little. They had the cutest little refreshments at the ceremony - firefly sweet tea vodka, lemonade and water - and a great dinner, slide show and party! We couldn't have been more excited to share the day with them - and can't wait to see everyone again already!Hanging out with Granny in his wedding outfit!
It rained JUST during the ceremony - just a sprinkle for some good luck!
The beautiful bride and groom and family
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kennedy
The Johnson's
Having fun with Daddy!
How cute were the place cards, they made them too! Maggie and Andrew found all the sand dollars and they put the little name tags on - so cute!
We thought this spot was pretty!
The whole family - how pretty is that spot?! I wish we would have looked around more - I can't wait to read up on the history of the plantation.
We made it through dinner, the slide show and cake - and a little dancing - before the party animal was sleeping on his Granny's shoulders and ready to head home. He was really good during the ceremony but he got a little scared of all the people and loud music at the reception. Overall, he did great for his first wedding. We saw all the little kiddos dancing and couldn't quite believe that he would be up there tearing it up one day :)

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