Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why My House Looks Like This...

If the boxes and bubble wrap didn't give it away...we are moving to St. Louis!!! Approximately 10 minutes after Connor was born we realized our hearts were in the Lou - there was no other place we wanted to raise our babies. So, we got to thinking and realized now was as good a time as any to start the process. We contacted Jason, our realtor, put the house on the market and started applying for jobs. About four weeks after we put the house on the market (April 12, 2009 - The day we bought our house two years ago, Daddy's birthday and Easter) a young couple came through and despite the fact that I locked my baby and dogs IN the car, in the driveway while they were looking at the house, they put an offer in and we accepted! After the inspection and appraisal going great - we are a go and the deal closes on May 28th. Whew - one step in the process down.

We have been looking for jobs - I love my company and am looking into transferring to McGraw Hill Education. I interviewed for the job in March and am keeping my fingers crossed they think I am a great fit for the job. We shall see! Bj has been home and interviewed with a few different companies and fingers crossed he will find the right position for him! We are leaving on May 20th and moving in with Granny D until after the dust settles. We are going to pay off our remaining debt and look for our perfect little home in Webster Groves.

We are really excited and we are so looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. Colorado holds so many memories for us - starting our relationship, getting engaged, buying our first house, and having our first baby. We have made great friends and seen a beautiful part of the country. We know we will miss it - but anxiously awaiting the Christmas mornings with the families, Cardinals games, Sunday dinners and soccer games where the whole family can attend. We want Connor to grow up knowing his extended family and sharing in the memories and traditions that are so important to Bj and I. I think I am a little overwhelmed with all that needs to be done - but I know we will finish everything. My sweet mother-in-law is flying out next week and helping us back up the breakables and my mom is flying out on Tuesday night and flying home with Connor Francis Wednesday morning. Both HUGE helpful and time-saving things and I don't think I have enough words to thank either one of them.

So, be on the look-out for many posts and updates as we bid farewell to the beautiful state of Colorado!

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