Thursday, May 7, 2009

"And the little one said...Roll Over...Roll Over..."

Yep - the little man rolled over today!! It was more a shock - he wasn't intending to roll over - but it still counts in proud momma and daddy's eyes. I put him in his playpen for a little tummy time and lately he has liked to PUSH up as far as he can and look around - he is especially enamored with the polka dots on the inside of his playpen. So, he was PUSHING up and all of a sudden he just rolled over on to his back. It was amazing - the look on his face was amazing. I am such a dork, I rolled him back and let him do it again- and he did!! I then screamed and laughed and danced a little - he laughed and screamed too! :)

I think it could be a little while longer before he is doing it on purpose and often - but it was pretty fun. I have noticed that he is moving around and rolling more on the changing table - aahh! I have a feeling months down the road I am going to long for the days I could plop him anywhere and run to the bathroom or grab something to eat. But in the moment I love it - I love watching him accomplish each little thing in his life. All the little steps that will lead to crawling, walking and running. It is just so amazing - these little rugrats are so amazing!

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