Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Son

As I was watching Connor giggle and laugh at himself in the mirror tonight I was overcome with a sense of love and pride - similar to the feeling I get every time Bj or I says "our son". I don't know what it is but something about that term and the word "son" is so powerful to me. He is and always will be our son. I think for the first week after he was born I was on cloud nine with adrenaline rushing through my body - I was SO PROUD of Bj, myself and Connor. So proud of what we had done and who we had created, this perfect tiny little man. Childbirth in itself is an amazing and empowering experience - so much time and work goes into growing and birthing a baby - and then all of a sudden they are HERE, in the world and a piece of you. I think I fall in love a little bit more every single day that I spend with him as everyday he does something new, special and completely amazing to me.
So maybe it is the culmination of all those things that makes the tears prickle in the back of my eyes making me choke up every time I hear the word "son" - the pride, love, amazement and joy. He has such a beautiful smile and contagious giggle, my sweet boy. I know that we would both do anything in the world for him and I look forward to all of the moments in the future where "our son" makes us proud.

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