Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bald Spots are for KISSING!

At least in my opinion that is the only explanation for baby bald spots! That or the fact that I have kissed the back of his head so many times the hair is starting to fall out! Hair has been a huge topic around our house lately as mine is literally falling out by the fistful. I have stopped taking the pre-natal vitamins and for whatever reason my long luscious pregnancy hair doesn't want to stick around and is instead falling out all over the bathroom floor. Bj told me I needed to get one of those flobie things and start "doing" my hair in the backyard. He is such a sweetie pie! We do get a pretty good laugh out of it though - imagine what then neighbors would say if I was out back with the furminator - eliminating mine and the dogs "excess and unwanted fur"!!
Connor man is also losing a little bit of hair right in the back middle of his head. It's kind of funny he still has a fair amount by his neck and on top - it's just that little spot in the back. I kind of like it because it's nice and soft and kissable! He likes to be held out so he can look around and his sweet little head is right there - how could you not kiss it? The poor kid is going to hate me one day for displaying a picture of his bald spot on the blog!!

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