Sunday, May 10, 2009

The MOTHER of all holidays...

My babies and I!
I am going to start out by saying...I can't believe I am a momma! My first mothers day - it was a wonderful day. I want to also thank Connor for being the most amazing baby in the whole entire world and the reason that mother's day exists for me. And to my sweet husband who helped me bring Connor into this world - and treated me like a princess on "my day". To my mother-in-law for raising such a wonderful son and my mom for putting up with me - thank you and happy mothers day!

Connor woke up about 4:45am on Sunday morning to eat and I was already giddy - and the sun wasn't even up. I fed him, taking a little longer than usual, and could tell that he was asleep but not totally out. I thought what the hell, its my day and I brought him in bed with me and the dogs. (Bj was out of town - arriving home later that day. Coincidentaly texting me as I was getting up to get little man, it was kind of funny) We just snuggled in bed, he was laughing and "petting" the dogs and just being sweet. I think we both dozed in and out for a little while and just enjoyed our momma and baby time. We picked daddy up at the airport and came on home. Unfortunately daddy had to go to work - but he, Connor and the doggies present me with sweet cards (I cried!) and my kelty sunshade for the beach!!!Connor and I just hung out and packed the rest of the day - and it was perfect. I was so emotional all day and just happy to have my little man in my life. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I really try to remember that every single day. I may be tired and have a less tidy house than before I was a momma - but none of that matters when I see my little family. I hope that I grow into a wonderful mom to my baby and I already can't wait to celebrate mothers day next year!

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