Monday, April 6, 2009

What's In a Name?

The sweet little angel on the left has a very beautiful name, in my opinion. Connor had been on our list from the very beginning - we always liked it, but wanted to keep thinking. We also really liked the name Aidan for a boy and he would have been Madeline if he was a girl. The middle name was always going to be Francis, after my dad. One of the things I looked for in a name was something you could put a good nickname with! I love nicknames and rarely call people by their "given" name. Once we got into the hospital and realized that we could have a baby at any time, we got serious about the names. Connor really was just the best choice - Connor Francis Johnson. It just has a great ring to it! Now, we call him pretty much anything but Connor! I was thinking about it the other day, he has so many nicknames! Connor-Man, Sweet Pea, Little Man, The Boy, CFJ, CF, C, Monkey, Moose, Moose-Munch, Cute Boy, Cuters Patooters, Sweet Boy, Handsome, Beautiful, Stinker, Stink-Butt, Stinky Pete, Blue Steel, Bunny and I could go on and on! It's so funny - we just look at him sometimes and call him whatever names pops into our minds! He is such a sweet man and he will always be my little sweet pea - no matter what other nicknames I call him!

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