Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom Clothes?

The other day (even though it was snowing) I decided to get out the rest of my spring clothes. I am ready for spring and am done with the winter stuff (I also put away the rest of Connor's newborn stuff!). As I was pulling everything out I actually heard myself say "Oh, I won't wear that anymore because I am a mom." Who says that? What exactly does a mom wear? It was a tank top and there are far more reasons I won't wear it than "I am a mom now".

It did however, get me thinking. There really are a few things I won't wear now...because I am a mom. For starters, all the bikini's have gone away. I one wants to see this tummy in a bikini anytime in the near future. I also put away a lot of tank tops and a few skirts I deemed "too short." Mostly I won't wear them because they don't seem appropriate and secondly because of the fact that I am a mom and gave body just isn't the same as it was. Things have re-distributed (ahem...thighs, bottom, hips and boobies!) and settled in different places. I know this isn't fair to say three and a half months after having a baby -- but I am not so sure these arms are going to be bared to the world anytime soon! It is just funny, as I have started to wear my clothes again just how "different" some things feel. I had to buy all new tank tops for under my shirts because nothing feels long enough! Maternity clothes are just so long to cover you belly that everything feels really short these days.

At any rate...that is my funny for the day. I couldn't believe I said something like that as I don't believe I have any high-waisted no butt "mom" jeans. I don't think I realized before that only women who weren't mom's could wear tank tops? It's a good thing I figured all this out before embarrassing poor Connor at the playground :)

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