Friday, April 3, 2009

Chunky Monkey

The sweet -teeny, tiny 4lb. 2oz. - baby boy I gave birth to 3months, 2weeks and 3days ago - now weight 11 POUNDS, 8 OUNCES!!! Can we say sweet chunkers man??!! Conchita came over to give him his third RSV shot and I couldn't believe my ears! She also measured him for me, because I was curious, and he is now 23 inches long! That is 5.5 inches longer than he was at birth - holy cow!! I remember when the scale just dwarfed him at weigh in every night in the hospital and now his legs were hanging off the end and he was filling it out. We are so proud and so in love with our big sweet pea.

I think I will forever be like the momma in "Love You Forever" as I will always sneak into his room and tell him I love him, even when he is a really big boy and I can no longer pick him up.

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