Monday, February 2, 2009

Heavy Weight Champ

So, we had to take Connor to the doctor on Thursday to check his weight gain, to make sure he was still gaining the way he should and to see whether or not we could stop giving him the Zinc supplement. He was 5lb 9oz at the last visit and the doctor mentioned that the scale is different between the hospital and the doctors office -- just so we knew that. The whole way to the doctor's office I kept telling myself that it was okay if he didn't gain weight, or stayed the same, or lost weight (you know because he spit up that morning). So, we get to the office, I take is clothes off and plop in on the scale. I stepped back and saw 6lb 7oz -- I was all, WHAT?! Is my hand still on there?! I was floored, I took a tiny baby to the doctor and went home with a heavy weight chuncker! I am so proud of the little man, I told EVERYONE I saw how much he weighed. I love it -- he is such a stud muffin!

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