Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whew! We have been BUSY this past week in the Johnson house! My mom has been here and it has been great. We have almost everything done in the nursery and it looks great. I said it looks just the way a little baby boy nursery should. So, I have been super slack at posting. So get ready for a handful!

We just want to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day! It was so wonderful to have little sweet pea here this year to celebrate! We also heard the wonderful news that our friends welcomed their little girl, Halee Rae, into the world on Valentine's Day! Congrats! We also have a few other friends who will welcome a little one in September, Josh and Stacy! Congrats to you two!
A few weeks ago I entered a contest on the Hot Mama Designs web page. You had to comment on your favorite wedding or Valentine's Day memory or what you are doing this year for Valentine's Day. I was so excited, I checked back every few days to scope out the competition :) I was so surprised on Sunday when I got the email saying I had one! I never win anything so I was thrilled. I decided to look back and see exactly what I had written. I was actually pretty impressed with it and I feel as though it says exactly what I wanted to say for Valentine's Day. So, with a picture of my sweet baby, here is what I wrote.

Don't worry he wasn't really watching tv...I just didn't get any great shots in his little outfit!
All tuckered out! He was so tired after hanging out, being cute all day, and opening presents!
What a wonderful idea -- thanks for sharing your sweet wedding memories!

I will just never forget the way my husband looked waiting for me to get down the aisle. I was nervous until I saw him and knew that I could do anything with him by my side...

I am thankful this year on Valentines Day for my family. We just had a beautiful baby boy, Connor, on December 17th. I was admitted to the hospital 8 weeks before my January 27th due date and made it four weeks on bed rest with Pre-eclampsia before he was delivered via an emergency c-section. I just remember being so scared, not knowing what he would need and whether or not he would be okay. Once he entered the world and gave out a cry I knew I had all I needed in this world. My sweet husband next to me, our sweet baby boy and our two dogs. We spent another four weeks in he NICU with Connor and the whole experience completely humbled me. I am just so thankful this year to be a new momma, wife, friend and daughter.
Happy Valentines Day to you and your family :)

Earlier that day I had gotten the NAPP (Neo-Natal Assesment) profile for Connor in the mail. They are special nurses who were with us at his delivery and their first notes were "baby limp and blue at birth..." and I was just shocked. I had asked Bj a few days earlier what he remembered from the day and he said he just remembers me asking over and over why I hadn't heard him cry and whether or not he was okay. He said no one would answer me and I just kept asking. As I look at my 7lb. 14oz., 2 month old baby, I realize just how lucky we are. Sweet Pea is perfect and I am truly thankful for him this year.

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